Gatsby Party + New Year’s Eve Inspiration + Free Printables

New Year’s Eve is often cast aside with all the hustle and bustle of the holiday season. With only a week between Christmas and NYE, there’s not a lot of time to plan the kind of party we all thought we’d be throwing or attending when we were kids (remember when you’d see your parents get all dolled up for a fabulous NYE party???).
Gatsby parties are still on-trend, and the theme works for a variety of events. It can seem overwhelming to create a “Jazz Age” event on a post-Christmas budget, but I’ve compiled some easy and inexpensive ways you can make NYE worthy of the nouveau riche Jay Gatsby.
My printable theme (coming soon to my etsy shop) is based primarily on the textures and colors inspired, by the roaring 20s, as well as the jewel tones found peacock feathers. What I really love about this combination is that you can pair it with basic black or metallics, which are available any time of year.
One of my favorite Gatsby-inspired parties, featured on, is for an adult birthday celebration. But this party would also work beautifully for a NYE event. Bonus if you can get your guests to dress up!
Ready to achieve your own Gatsby-inspired party? Here are a few extras that can get you started.
Grab a bag of peacock feathers and use them for your centerpieces. You can find them here for only $4.99/5. Party city also has some fantastic art nouveau NYE party favors that will get everyone in the party mood.
Give your table backdrop some extra pizazz with a metallic fringe backdrop from Oriental Trading. Starting at $6.50, you can add big impact with not much money. To avoid a “game show” appearance, use some fabric or paper as tiebacks to make it look more like a glitzy stage curtain.


The recent remake of “The Great Gatsby” provides plenty of sparkle inspiration!

Need party favors? Check out these pearl necklaces that double as table decor.

Keep it classy and make clean up a breeze with these disposable champagne glasses, or splurge on the real thing with some vintage etched champagne glasses.

Need more ideas and inspiration? Check out my Gatsby pinterest board for more fantastic party ideas!

To get you started, I’ve included a free printable of my Gatsby-inspired 2″ party circles and blank place cards. Just right-click and download the file to your desktop.
Happy party planning!



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