Fun and Games – iCarly Style

What is about tween girls that love the show iCarly? I admit, I find myself watching it too and laughing at Spencer’s quirky art projects and Sam’s irreverent attitude to authority. Plus, the idea of a kid-powered web show is pretty appealing.

Picture 1

Sam’s sound affects, bedazzled by the birthday girl.


The party spread, with a backdrop made out of paper plates. Check out the tutorial section to learn how I did it!

When my 7-year-old daughter requested an iCarly party last June, it seemed easy enough. Spaghetti tacos (I used regular tacos…I wasn’t feeling that brave), mini Fat Cakes, and Groovy Smoothies made for an easy-to-plan menu. But when it came to activities, I was a little bit stumped. There are tons of ideas on the web, especially if you’re an AV wiz who can set up your own web show. The prep work and technical aspects were daunting and unfortunately, I’d waited until the last minute to plan the activities.

In February, I had a 20-minute photo session at Flash Photography of Dayton, a small photo studio where you receive all of your photos from your session on a flash drive (genius!). They had recently expanded their services and were offering their studio as a party venue. Once I’d decided to have the party at Flash, the theme and activities came together pretty easily.

Activity #1: A Photo Shoot

The information on the invitation instructed all “cast members” to show off for the paparazzi. As girls arrived at the party, they received their cast member credentials on a sparkly lanyard. These also doubled as party favors and every girl wore theirs the entire time.

Picture 7

Sparkly lanyards held cast member VIP passes.

Picture 3

Showing offer her credentials.

Once the cast enjoyed some delicacies from craft services, they descended onto a box of wacky photo props and moved right over to the white backdrop to strut their stuff.

Picture 6

Guests enjoying treats from “craft services”.

Picture 5

Photo prop fun!

Picture 1

Balloons are a great way to get kids moving in front of the camera.

   Picture 4  Picture 2

Picture 3

On the catwalk…

Picture 1

What a crew!


Activity #2: Pin the Mustache on Spencer

Just because I do most of my party elements from scratch doesn’t mean I’m above a little help from Party City. They had a kit with the poster of Spencer, 10 pre-cut adhesive mustaches, and a blindfold that made this old favorite a fun, modern activity. Giggling ensued.

Picture 2

Spencer, pre-mustache.

Picture 6

Spencer, after the game.

Picture 4Picture 5

Activity #3: Mrs. Benson’s Fashion Show

Fans of the show know that Freddie’s mom, Mrs. Benson, is notoriously over-protective of her son. She’s gone to all sorts of lengths to keep him unharmed and pure as the driven snow. Armed with two large rolls of bubble wrap, some clear packing tape, and a pair of scissors, the girls played fashion designer and created dresses for a fashion show. At first they needed a little help, but eventually, they were doing it on their own and helping each other out.

Picture 8Picture 10Picture 11Picture 12

Mermaid dresses, crazy hats, and funky accessories were all part of their ensembles. Many of the girls wanted to wear their creations home!

Picture 13Picture 14

Just as they readied for the catwalk, potential disaster struck and the power went out. But these girls were undeterred!

Picture 15

Rocking the fur fox on her noggin’.

Picture 16

By far, the most popular activity was Mrs. Benson’s Fashion Show. The girls got to be creative, use imagination, and feel just like they were in an iCarly skit! I loved it because it was so inexpensive! For six girls, two rolls of bubble wrap was the perfect amount and the total cost of $12 can’t be beat.

If you have the option to use a professional photographer at your child’s birthday party, I highly recommend it. They capture the best moments of the party and you don’t have to stress if Aunt Myrtle caught everything on her old-school, disposable 35mm camera. Don’t worry if your child freaked out at your last family photo session; even shy girls come to life like little Lindsay Lohans when they have some fun props and a camera in from of them.

Picture 2

Cake time.

Picture 7

One happy iCarly fan!

Happy party planning!


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