4 Ways Pinterest Could Ruin Your Party – and How to Prevent It

Pinterest is everyone’s favorite tool for party inspiration these days, including mine. But it seems that lots of people, more specifically brides, are deciding that they don’t need a wedding planner; they can DIY everything with the help of pinterest! Oh…they.are.so.wrong.

First Coast Wedding and Events has compiled a great list of reasons why it’s a bad idea to leave your wedding in your pinterest boards’ hands. But beyond their wedding list, here’s some additional “Party Pooper” pitfalls to avoid:

Party Pooper #1: Pinterest Can Blow Your Budget
How to Fix it: Visit Chuck-E-Cheese

Every time I ask a prospective client what their party budget is, it’s usually followed by a blank stare. Parties are expensive. Pinterest-level parties can be outrageous. So for junior’s big day, start with the party package you might pick at Chuck-E-Cheese. That will give you a point of reference. Then when you start gathering up your pins and begin endless browsing sessions on etsy, you’ll at least have a budget in mind. But don’t fool yourself into thinking you’ll be saving big bucks doing it yourself; DIY materials are pricey and sometimes the learning curve is steep!

Party Pooper  #2: Focusing on the Smallest Details in a Pinterest Photo Because You Don’t Think You Can Do the Rest
How to Fix it: Scrutinize Photos and Find the Biggest Item

I learned years ago, when I fell in love with the Pottery Barn Catalog, that purchasing that one item out of the catalog would not transform my room into the FEELING that I got when I looked at the photo spread. After my purchase, I didn’t feel like I was in a beach cottage; I felt like I was in a crappy apartment with a raffia-wrapped picture frame. The point? Don’t focus on the smallest details because you think it’s the only thing you’re capable of creating. Really look at that party photo on your pinterest board and determine the largest item..whether that’s the outdoor setting, architecture, or vaulted ceilings. Then imagine that party table transferred to your living room. Does it still give you the same warm fuzzy feeling? If not, you may need to adjust your venue to match your pinterest-expectations. Or realize how much work it will really take to recreate that photo!

Party Pooper #3: The “Event Professional Does It ALL” vs. “DIY Until You’re Exhausted and Give Up” Debate
How to Fix it: Find a Professional that Will be Flexible

If you hire a professional that’s willing to work with you, they can take your pinterest boards a step further and help you organize the ideas. Maybe give you a dose of reality that will help you enjoy your next event with less stress and more money left in your pocket. The bottom line is that most of us can’t afford to hand over every detail to a professional planner, but we can’t DIY everything either.  Find a party planner that will allow you to coordinate a few of the details, while they handle things like time management and oversee the big picture. You’ll still look very pinterest savvy, and your event will be well-coordinated.

Party Pooper #4: After the Event, You’ve Got Nothing to Show for All Your Hard DIY Planning
How to Fix it: Hire a Photographer (or ask a friend to do it)

The food is gone, the games have been played. The only thing you have left is the photos. But you forgot to take any! If budget allows, hire a professional to come at least a half hour before your party begins to take pictures of all your hard work. If you’ve spent hours researching how to make the perfect cowboy cake, a GREAT photo will help you remember what you’re capable of when you set your mind to something. If a pro isn’t an option, call the local art school and find a student. Chances are their photos will still be better than yours. Can’t find a student? Assign the job to a friend who’s good with a camera.

Happy Party Planning!


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