A Frozen-in-Summer Pool Party!

frozeninsummer Months ago, before she saw Frozen, my daughter wanted an Ariel party. Since her birthday is in June, I knew a pool party was the perfect venue. But her obsession with Frozen grew and a new party theme was born! Beyond Olaf’s charming tune about all things summer, I wanted it to be a burst of cool air during a summertime birthday pool party.

The Wardrobe

The first order of business was finding an Elsa swimsuit. I had NO IDEA that they are nearly impossible to find. I lucked out and found one on ebay…phew!_DSC1059_DSC0946

The Cake

The cake was all she talked about pre-party. It HAD to have every character! It HAD to have Elsa’s ice castle! I really do like making my own cakes, even if it’s a bit stressful. So I did my best to fulfill her wish. The two-tier cake was devil’s food and vanilla, covered in a July-friendly layer of white chocolate ganache. I decorated the cake with homemade marshmallow fondant and used this cookie press to create the snowflakes. To give it some extra sparkle, I added “disco” dust and edible pearls! _DSC0944 Rock candy and melted blue jolly ranchers created the perfect icy touch! I loved the cake without the figurines, but it’s her birthday, so she got what she wanted. _DSC0881 _DSC0882_DSC1098

The Menu

Naturally, I scoured catchmyparty.com and pinterest for ideas. I really can’t claim originality for most of these party elements, with the exception of my signage and the party favors. Since I’ve seen the movie MANY times and listened to the song lyrics over and over, I had some great ideas for pulling together the party food. “Sven Snacks” (carrots and ranch), “Melted Olafs” (yogurt, pretzel sticks, candy noses, and icing eyes), and “Elsa’s Frozen Hearts” (white chocolate covered strawberries) are on just about every Frozen-themed party table. Check out how I worked them in below. To my surprise, “Sven Snacks” were a big hit!   _DSC0885 _DSC0883 _DSC0884  _DSC0886 _DSC0887 _DSC0903_DSC1064 Cake pops are a must at all of my events. It’s a perfect portion for little kids and they are a great pre-cake treat. I dubbed mine “Frozen Fractal” cake pops because of the sugary coating. Each one was blue velvet cake to mimic Elsa’s dress. _DSC0889_DSC0890_DSC1086_DSC0902 I like to give kids and parents something substantial to eat, so I supplied delicious croissant sandwiches. The best part was incorporating the line from the song “Love is an Open Door”…we finish each others’ sandwiches! _DSC0899   _DSC0900   White cheddar popcorn is one of my kids’ favorite snacks, so I added a bowl to the table and dubbed it “Slain Snowmonster Popcorn” after the giant snow beast that Prince Hans slays. I imagine what a snow monster would look like when it hits the bottom of an icy cavern. My best guess? White cheddar popcorn. _DSC0962 Kristoff’s business is selling ice, so it only seemed fitting to give him is own “Ice Block Cafe”! _DSC0894 _DSC0895 _DSC0896

Party Favors

Party favors for this age group are relatively easy, but I wanted to give the kids something unique that wouldn’t end up in the garbage can (or have parents cursing me) 10 minutes after the party ended. Since my daughter has made sensory bottles in school, I thought that creating a “Swirling Storm” to take home would be a great way to transition kids from party time to home. I don’t know about the kids, but these kept my interest for longer than they should’ve. I found the craft instructions here. 30 second crafts did theirs with an Olaf inside…super cute idea! _DSC0891 _DSC0893 _DSC0892       _DSC0942 _DSC0943 _DSC0997   _DSC1126 _DSC1142 _DSC1182 _DSC1250 Happy party planning!

Photo credit to Flash Photography of Dayton.

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