Hello (Kitty) Party!

Hello Kitty Birthday Party Ideas – With an 80’s Twist!


My girls have birthday’s seven days apart. Which means their birthday parties are very close together. This party was held ONE WEEK after the Frozen in Summer party and I was a little unsure that I was going to be able to pull it off. Somehow I managed! My oldest daughter loves Hello Kitty, but is somewhat over the girly-pink-cutesie stuff. Neon colors are so on-trend and once I told her about a paint splatter theme, a neon Hello Kitty party concept was born. She was thrilled! So here’s what I did to customize this party for my special girl.



We found an awesome Hello Kitty swimsuit (at a fabulous price!) at Marshalls in February. I guess it was meant to be!

The Cake


Inspired by 80’s themed parties and art parties, I went to work researching the options. The cake flavors were easy… the top layer was red velvet (her favorite) and the bottom was devil’s food. I surrounded the cake with white chocolate ganache icing and finished with black fondant. And then I said multiple prayers that the whole thing wouldn’t turn into a pile of mush in the humid July weather. Thankfully, it stayed put. I searched pinterest and found lots of great paint splatter cakes. I debated over which method to use for decoration: royal icing or candy melts. After some discussion from my local cake shop, I decided candy melts were the least time-consuming method. I could buy the colors I wanted, add some paramount crystals to thin each color out, and not have to tint 4-5 different bowls of icing. It does create more of a 3-d effect, but the end result turned out so well, I didn’t care.

I knew I would have to tie in hello kitty somewhere on the cake. So I made marshmallow fondant and used this veggie cutter to cut out kitty’s face. I used edible ink to hand color the bows, eyes, nose, and mouth. That was time-consuming for sure, but it really tied the theme together on the cake.

Let me tell you, paint splattering is no joke. There is a lot of prep work to keep your kitchen from looking like a Jackson Pollock painting and I was actually sore from flinging melted candy across this cake and ACTUAL paint across the backdrop. More on the backdrop in a minute.



The menu was a little tricky and I was coming up with ideas at the last minute. I knew it had to be colorful, vibrant foods, as well as goodies that she would love. Fruit kabobs were an easy idea.




But I needed something else. Then it hit me! Candy sushi. Hello Kitty is a Japanese creation, so candy sushi seemed like the perfect idea! The hardest part of creating the candy sushi was finding green fruit roll ups. I ended up ordering a box of 42 (OMG!) from amazon after discovering that my local grocery store did not have green fruit roll-ups or fruit-by-the-foot. Thank goodness for my prime account.




I put the veggie cutter to use again by cutting out Hello Kitty faces from sliced colby and provolone.


Paint splatter cake pops were the perfect pre-cake snack in blue velvet and red velvet flavors. To save time and effort, I decorated the paint splatter on the cake at the same time as the cake pops. Again…LOTS of flinging was involved!





Hello Kitty water bottles and HI-C rounded out the drink selection.






The signage was all inspired by the invitation. The fun part was the backdrop. My daughter and I had a great time flinging paint on two yards of black jersey fabric. In hindsight, I would’ve picked a less absorbent type of fabric and I would definitely have used fabric paint. I opted for acrylic to keep the costs low and the colors faded a bit when it dried. But overall, I’m really happy with how it turned out. I also used paper garland on the side curtains to add an extra pop of color.

Party Favors


To match the 80s style and keep the kids looking cool, each guest received sunglasses. These neon and black shades were a big hit!


The birthday girl enjoying some new Hello Kitty socks!


Happy party planning!


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