Go Brand Yourself is an online design company and party planning business providing clients with their own “Pinterest” quality event. The range of products starts with printable party supplies provided on the etsy.com site, and builds to full-scale event planning in the Southwestern Ohio region.

The concept of “personal branding” is the idea that we show the world what we value, our personal tastes, and our style with the events we host. In previous decades, events like the dinner party were a woman’s way of expressing her style; from her choice of dress, to a signature cocktail, every detail was considered. Today, those dinner parties are often replaced with events surrounding familial milestones like baby showers, birthday parties, and wedding receptions.

Regardless of the occasion, parties are still planned with the same attention to detail that the dinner party was once given. Today’s women are faced with a litany of challenges including working outside the home, raising children, and personal relationships. The desire to host an event that expresses their personality remains, but the time and energy do not. That’s where Go Brand Yourself can help! Whether a client needs complete guidance with their “personal brand” or simply needs a few finishing touches to complete the look, Go Brand Yourself is ready to assist.

Jennie Hempstead, creative director and event planner at Go Brand Yourself, is a graphic designer by trade who developed a passion for event planning. You can view her online portfolio or visit her Etsy shop!


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