Top 5 DIY Ways to Use Mason Jars for Gift Giving this Holiday

Mason jars have exploded on the party scene and have been added to the décor of many a wedding reception. After stocking up on 30 jars for their centerpieces, it can be tough to find a use for all those empty jars. Unless you plan to do some serious canning, here are 5 ways you can turn those mason jars into a fun holiday gift!

Environmentally Friendly

Mason jars as gift wrap also serve as a fantastic way to help the environment. The jars can be reused and prevent pounds of paper waste from ending up in a landfill. You can feel good about your gift giving this season.Beyond jams, jellies, and candy, mason jars can be used for:

Baked Goods
You can’t beat a pie-in-a-jar for maximum cuteness factor! Easy to make ahead, Our Best Bites provides an excellent tutorial on how to make them weeks before you need them, and bake on demand! Perfect for last minute gift giving. Our Best Bites has my favorite go-to recipe, along with lots of other great ideas.

Cupcake in a jar…rainbow cupcakes are a person favorite! Talk about Christmas in a jar: Peppermint Fudge Cupcakes in a jar!

Cookies in a jar…store bought or homemade, they’re so cute!

Customer Appreciation Gifts

Add honey to the jar, with the tag line “You’re a Honey of a Customer”. Use color-coordinated candies that can be easily shared in the office to match your logo. Best part? Now you can share the idea on pinterest and maximize your marketing appeal. Not easily thrown away, these kinds of edible gifts will satisfy their sweet tooth and give you staying power.
Add items that color coordinate and that can be shared at the office (gumballs, sixlets, whirly pops, mints, etc.)

Creative kids gifts (sensory gifts)

Colored sand DIY play dough
Check out these 25 homemade sensory play recipes from

Dry Ingredient Mixes

Dry mixes make great gifts because they can be used well beyond the holiday season. Not just for sweets, you can share your own granola mixture, soup recipe, or favorite combination of mixed nuts. But let’s face it: I’m in it for the desserts! Here are some of my favorites:

Cowgirl cookie mix.

Cocoa mix compliments of Martha Stewart

Brownie Mix

Granola mix

Chex Mix Muddy Buddies.Also available in some grocery stores, pre-made!

Holiday Decoration

With white Christmas lights and a pretty bow, use leftover strands of x-mas lights to create a string of luminaries on your mantle. Mod Podge a sheet of tissue paper to create a watercolor affect.

Need more inspiration? Check out my pinterest page and follow my mason jar board!