Don’t Get Pinched! Last-Minute Ideas for St. Patrick’s Day.

St. Patrick’s Day sneaks up on me every year! I always have grand ideas of printables, parties, and food….until life gets in the way.  It’s too late to order all those awesome items from etsy and every pinterest idea you’ve saved takes DAYS to complete. You can stay home and hideout from the welts and flashes of pain, or you can decide that no Irish rouge is going to keep you away from your favorite local bar! Here are some quick ideas that will keep you pinch-free this St. Paddy’s Day.

Shamrock Freezer Paper Bleach T-Shirt

The easiest way to avoid the pinch-fest is to wear green. Clever t-shirts are fun, but sometimes expensive. And since you’ve waited until the 11th hour, they probably won’t have your size. That’s why I love the simplicity of this DIY shamrock shirt.  All you need are a few items such as a plain green tee, bleach, and freezer paper. If you’re wondering what the heck freezer paper is, they sell it at grocery stores. Good stuff for crafty folks because you can iron it on to your t-shirt and remove it after bleaching.

Feeling naughty? Purchase a green pair of pants and strategically place the shamrock where it will get you the most attention. You can also do dual shamrocks on the t-shirt for an equally offensive and degrading effect.

DIY Green Beer

This might seem obvious to some, but you can find out how to make your own green beer here. And no one will pinch you if you’re holding a pitcher of beer.Obviously a lager or other lighter beer will show the color the best. Need an NA version for the kids? Try Cream Soda, Sprite, 7-Up, or ginger ale.

Thin Mint Sandwiches

You’ve been avoiding eye contact with that adorable Girl Scout at the grocery store for weeks. But now you MUST find her and pay her for a box of delicious thin mints because you’re going to make some thin mint sandwiches and impress all your friends. Download the Girl Scout app to find cookies in your area. Or if they are sold out, you can use Keebler Grasshopper cookies…but if you have to walk by a GS cookie booth with a box of Grasshoppers, prepare for a cookie curse of epic proportions.

If you do have some extra time, this recipe, which includes homemade Irish ice cream, looks AMAZING (I mean, look at that photo???)! But since we’re all short on time, you can buy mint chocolate chip or vanilla ice cream to reach the same effect. You could even use marshmallow fluff. Simply take two cookies, dab about a tablespoon of fluff onto the flat side, and make a sandwich. Add some sprinkles along the edge of the sandwich for some extra style points.

Again, if you’re holding a plate full of thin mints, no one will pinch you.

Green Hair Chalk

This idea might get you in trouble at work, but if they complain, just remind them that you could’ve shown up drunk (don’t show up drunk)! gives easy steps on how to create this dip-dyed green hair look and you won’t be forced to wear an uncomfortable wig or hideous hat all evening at the bar.  For all of you hair chalk newbies, this is not the same stuff you used as a kid to write on the sidewalk. It’s made especially for hair and is sold at most major retailers.

And if you want to be super-cool-mom-of-the-year, let your kid go to school with a green faux hawk.  Remember, green = no pinching.

T-Shirt Scarf

Whether you tried the first idea and HATED the result, or your ex-boyfriend left his awful green shirt at your place, you can do this little craft with only 10 minutes and a pair of scissors. Follow the full tutorial and stay unpinchable on St. Paddy’s Day.

Irish Car Bomb Cupcakes

Even though this isn’t a quick and easy recipe, it’s been one that I’m dying to try. It’s the perfect excuse to run to the liquor store (you’ll need Guinness, Jameson, and Bailey’s Irish Creme). It’s also a very appreciated gesture for those responsible adults that have to work on St. Patrick’s Day. If you can’t get to the bar to partake in green beer, why not enjoy one of these babies?  Despite it’s offensive name, this recipe is sure to please. And everyone will be too amazed with your culinary skills to dream of pinching you.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!


A Honey of a List of Valentine’s Day Ideas + Free Printables

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. Tired of hearts and store-bought candy? Switch it up this year with a bee-themed celebration.


Idea 1 – “Bee Happy, Bee Healthy”

Take this popular ad campaign and make it work for an adorable, healthy breakfast-in-bed! Combine a box of Honey Nut Cherrios, a jar of your favorite honey, and a cute bowl and spoon set for a special start to your day. Compliment your breakfast with almond milk and Greek yogurt. We love this basket from and adding Burt’s Bees lip balm, scrub, and lotion would be fantastic extras!

Idea 2 – “Chocolate Buzz”

Chocolate wine has exploded in popularity. Pick up your favorite bottle and pair it with strawberries or other fruits for a decadent, fireside treat. Food and Wine Magazine gives you a great list of the best chocolate wines in the U.S. Grab a bag of Hershey kisses and use my .75″ circles to create the perfect “chocolate buzz”!

Idea 3 – “My Honey”

Chocolate gets all the attention on Valentine’s Day, but for a non-chocolate lover, you might feel like there are no alternatives. Make a romantic dinner for your honey with a honey-inspired meal! This pear, stilton, and bacon salad with honey glazed pecans would be a great start.  For the main course, a grilled honey-glazed pork tenderloin with onions would be divine. Dessert featuring this honeybun cake with some homemade honey ice cream would finish the meal beautifully.

Free Printables!

Add that extra special touch with these free Valentine’s Day Bee-Themed printables. To download, click on the image. Once the full size jpg appears, just right click and save to your desktop! Remember, files are for personal use only. Happy Valentine’s Day!

bee-circles-01bee-cupcake-wrappers-01bee-banner-01 bee-banner2-01 bee-banner3-01 bee-hershey-kiss-01